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A career in the science-based industries- you’ve seen it all on TV. All white lab coats and staring down microscopes right? And only for students with straight A Stars?...Well no, not really.


Besides the research and development and testing procedures we usually see on TV there is huge range of manufacturing processes, and there are many more jobs and skills involved. at all levels, from quality control, meeting regulatory requirements, packaging and logistics, to marketing and sales and promotion.


You might be thinking you’d like to get involved in drug discovery and development but you don’t want to go to university. Have you ever wondered if an apprenticeship might be more suitable for you? What about a Higher Apprenticeship?


Cogent’s Youtube channel is regularly updated with cases studies of people choosing apprenticeships and earning whilst they learn. Some people complete a Higher Apprenticeship starting with a Foundation Degree and then progress to degree courses and masters courses - often subsidised by their employer. 


Increasing numbers of university courses are now designed with companies to make sure they prepare students for workplace expectations, and practical knowledge of the latest technology. Cogent and our employer partners are working closely with selected universities to improve and enrich science degree courses, and we offer a placements service for students keen to improve their employability.


Tune in to the Cogent Youtube channel to hear apprentices, students and companies tell their story: 


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